Updating a server

07-Aug-2017 09:33

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To upgrade a cluster node running on Windows Server 2012 R2, see Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade In practice, the exact process will depend on factors such as the deployment topology of your availability groups and the commit mode of each replica.But in the simplest scenario, a rolling upgrade is a multi-stage process that in its simplest form involves the following steps: If you have deployed an availability group only for disaster recovery, you may need to fail over the availability group to an asynchronous-commit secondary replica.Second: Make sure to update the clients and server at the same time.To update the license server: You’ll want to perform all the operations below running as an administrator!Therefore, the rolling upgrade process may look as follows: If an availability group contains failover cluster instance (FCI) nodes, you should upgrade the inactive nodes before you upgrade the active nodes.After the server has been registered in the Novell Customer Center, you can apply updates via packages and patches.The naming convention is CRM2011While some update rollups are un-installable, it is recommended that complete database backups of the MSCRM_CONFIG and all organization databases is completed before applying an update.

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The first server will perform the changes to your CRM databases, so the first server update will run longer than consecutive installations on the remaining servers.

The default GNOME desktop indicates when there are updates available to the server.

You can update the server from any of the following interfaces.

You could also patch an OES server using the following methods: Section 8.8, GUI Based Patching, Section 8.9, Using SUSE Manager to Patch an OES Server, Section 8.7, Patching From Behind a Proxy Server, and so on.

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After you have registered the server in the Novell Customer Center, you can update the server by using commands at the command line.Linux You’ll want to perform all the operations below running as root!