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We decided it would make a better film to continue living together, to focus on Kaleil and Tom’s relationship.And you need a period of time and access to watch those emotions come to surface.It is kind of a dance Jehane Noujaim and Chris Hegedus have a rhythm together, like they’re used to talking and thinking as a team.No wonder—they’ve spent over two years—intensively—working on Startup.com, a documentary on the spectacularly speedy rise and fall of an internet company called gov

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I understand that on Thursday, February 4th, you met with current and former Presidents of Colombia to celebrate the success of Plan Colombia and the country's impending emergence from civil war.The conditions at La Picota prompted his legal team to file a complaint with the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights (part of the Organization of American States), which was signed by over 150 other inmates citing numerous abuses such as lack of medical care, lack of running water, extortion, etc.The complaint has been acknowledged by the Commission and has resulted in an investigation into the Colombian prison system.After graduating from Harvard University, Tuzman worked on Wall Street for five years at Goldman Sachs, before launching gov Works, Inc., an Internet startup, along with his childhood friend Tom Herman.

As the company's CEO, Tuzman was able to quickly raise million in venture capital; however, like many companies of the "dot-com era", gov Works, Inc.

I am writing at this time to bring to your attention a situation that is very personal and close to me, but one that touches on the need for Colombia to reach further towards solutions for corruption and injustice.

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