Creating cursors in sql and updating each line in cursor russian women dating sites in arizona

17-Nov-2017 21:13

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(But if the creating transaction is aborted, the cursor is removed.) A cursor created with command is issued on it, or the session ends.In the current implementation, the rows represented by a held cursor are copied into a temporary file or memory area so that they remain available for subsequent transactions.option specifies that the cursor should return data in binary format.

is specified and the transaction that created the cursor successfully commits, the cursor can continue to be accessed by subsequent transactions in the same session.

This temporary work area is used to store the data retrieved from the database, and manipulate this data.

A cursor can hold more than one row, but can process only one row at a time.

, if the cursor's query plan is simple enough that no extra overhead is needed to support it.

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However, application developers are advised not to rely on using backward fetches from a cursor that has not been created with cursors may give unexpected results if they invoke any volatile functions (see Section 36.6).A block has the following structure: DECLARE /* Declarative section: variables, types, and local subprograms.

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