Beautiful people dating site hacked attractive world dating

26-Oct-2017 12:15

Ironically, in 2011, the company pulled a stunt saying that their site has been penetrated by a "Shrek virus," which paved the way for all "ugly" people to "invade" the space exclusively secured for beautiful people only.

Members rate new applicants over a 48 hour period based on whether or not they find the applicant 'beautiful'.

Elitist dating site Beautiful is facing a backlash from 'ugly' trolls after removing 3,000 members for letting themselves go.

Uglies wanting to take revenge on the site have been using fake profile pictures to become members of the exclusive dating community before attempting to subvert the system'Initially the scale of applications from specific geographical areas – Russia, the United States and the UK in particular – caused concern, when we examined the applications in more detail, we noticed a large number of what appeared to be fake profile pictures.

The company website brashly reads, "Beautiful is the largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful.

170 addresses—email addresses given to government employees—were in the breach, Hunt Relationship sites are relatively common targets for such breaches, and can be among the most embarrassing to be made public.

The hackers have obviously chosen this particular site for shame-hacking them, which is a scary prospect in itself.

Although the company has tried to undermine the gravity of the situation by saying it was only a "slice of 2015" and that the leak has now been patched up, there is no getting back data that has already been lost and probably on its way to the black market for sale.

Apparently, the site-certified beautiful people judge the prospective members against certain benchmarks before letting them in.

The company claims to have denied millions of people access, and removed thousands for gaining weight after joining.The site introduced a system of validated membership in 2012, whereby entrants are encouraged to take a webcam picture of themselves holding up a piece of paper with their name and date handwritten on it to prove that their pictures are genuine.'We have always led the field in combating this.

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