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23-Jul-2017 23:35

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Overall just under half of babies born last year were born to mothers over 30.

The figures also confirmed that only just over half of babies were born within wedlock.

Rate was 59.8% in men born 1970-1984, 58.4% for those born 1950-1969, and 49.7% for those born before 1950.

It was 71.0% in Whites, 57.9% in Blacks, 54.0% in Asians and 30.0% in Hispanic.

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Whereas it was 80%, 50% and 34% in Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, respectively, in the 1940s (overall 71%), for those born in the 1970s it had risen to 94%, 91% and 57% in Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, respectively (overall 91%).The ONS singled out the effects of recent recession among possible explanations for women putting off childbirth but also suggested that a trend towards more “unstable relationships” could be driving the age upwards.